Process Management

Managing the intricacies of bringing an IoT Device to market involves a lot of detailed know-how and experience. Numerous processes spanning design, development, and validation require careful attention to detail and timely reaction to events that may occur.

We believe in a flexible, and inclusive approach to process management. Some of our clients employ the IoT Design Shop to represent them through the entire scope of production, while others use it as an opportunity to learn the ropes with the goal of managing their own production in the futures. We are very happy to provide a service where we meet our customer at the level they want, providing the services needed to build their understanding and a successful product in the process.




RF Testing in the Chamber

The IoT Design Shop team can help to manage these processes in areas such as:

  • Product Requirements and Design – Ensuring you’ve thought of all the requirements and challenges needed to successfully develop and deploy your product.
  • Electronics and Manufacturing Processes – Time-sensitive management of production, component inventory, and responses to manufacturing process queries.
  • Plastics and Form Factor Production – From prototype to production, getting through the stages of designing a form factor that is delightful, but also mass manufacturable.
  • Regulatory and Certification Processes – Ensuring your product can be shipped to your target markets without incurring delays or rejection on international borders and that it maintains the utmost level of safety and performance for your end consumers.
  • Logistics and Fulfillment – Dealing with the process of moving inventory or fulfillment.

Our team has been asked to augment projects in a variety of different capacities. We always find the right people to help manage process and quality delivery, drawing upon our network of internal resources, and trusted partners.



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