Industrial Design


At the IoT Design Shop, Industrial Design encompasses the form factors and mechanical integration of our electronics into functional designs for end users.

We have been involved in:

  • Integrated Electronics Design – Specific board sizes, mount points, and features for integrating circuit boards and electronics into the interior of consumer electronics products.
  • Design of Physical Form Factors – Creation of functional enclosures for electronics products such as sensor suites, power solutions, and consumer electronics devices.
  • Prototype Plastics and Plastics Production – From 3D printed prototypes through to Injection-Moulded ABS enclosures, managing the process from ideation to production of final plastic parts.
  • Packaging and Product Support – Creation of boxes, packaging materials, instructions, and related consumer product support.


We believe that the IoT Design Shop offers a unique value proposition for Industrial Design. Our unique combination of skill and machinery allows us provide integrated design, prototype production, and short run manufacturing leveraging our machines and state of the art digital fabrication techniques.

The Advantage of In House Prototyping

We utilize our battery of 3D Printers and in-house CNC Machines to expedite the process of design and proof of your physical form factor. Our in-house production capacity can allow us to iterate designs much more rapidly than if we relied on external vendors to provide these services. Likewise, our appreciation and understanding of the limits and constraints of CNC machining and mould making help the IoT Design Shop to advise you early on making design choices to facilitate mass manufacture.




Digital Fabrication for Short Run Production

Our ShopBot CNC is a Digital Fab Workhorse

Many of our clients find that our short run production techniques utilizing a hybrid of CNC machining and 3D Printing are actually sufficient to fulfill their production goals. We have in house techniques utilizing our digital fabrication technology that can produce part runs in the low hundreds, or even up to 1000 parts if needed. Frequently, this is entirely sufficient for prototype or proof-of-concept production on parts.

We also leverage a host of finishing techniques including paint, vinyl wrapping, and polishing to achieve production-grade results for our short run production items.

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