Hardware Engineering

The IoT Shop Bench is Usually a Busy Place


Our core strength lies in our ability to design and tailor electronics for Internet of Things applications. We employ a hybrid philosophy drawing inspiration and knowledge from the open source hardware movement, with the option to dig deep and deliver custom hardware solutions where appropriate.

We have successfully deployed many short-run, and production devices for a wide variety of different clients and use cases.

Hardware at the Speed of Software

CNC Machining of a Prototype Circuit Board

One of our driving principles is to continuously innovate on decreasing the time needed to iterate on hardware. We dream of a future where we can turn around boards in the same time it takes to deliver a software build. Enabling this rate of iteration will increase innovation and decrease the cost of developing custom-built hardware solutions drastically.

We are supported by some of the most progressive vendors in the business such as DigiKey, Mouser, SparkFun, and Adafruit enabling us to order and procure components overnight in almost all cases.

For PCB’s and assembly, our current approach includes options such as CNC Machining of prototype PCB’s, as well as employing prototype small scale PCB Printers and Pick-and-Place Machines such as the Squink. These solutions can enable multiple iterations of simple PCB’s and assemblies inside of a day.

From Prototype to Production

A Panelized PCB Ready for Contract Manufacture

We are extremely fortunate to have access to three different Contract Manufacturers within 1 hour of the IoT Design Shop and can take designs from completed hand-built prototypes to large scale production within our network of trusted local manufacturers. We’re very proud to say we build most of our builds right here in North America, and in fact, many of them right here in our local community.

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