Cloud Infrastructure for IoT

In the past few years, there has been tremendous growth of specialized IoT infrastructure on the major cloud platforms from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. We have been fortunate to have participated in a variety of projects that have leveraged these platforms for modern IoT deployments.

Platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub and PowerBI enable rapid deployment of highly specialized analytics and data analysis tools for IoT data. What was previously a massive custom implementation and deployment task is now reduced into a streamlined deployment that leverages a platform to deliver key intelligence with minimal development effort.


Custom Analytics Display Built With Microsoft BI


The Last Mile Problem

Despite the power of the cloud, some challenges remain, particularly where low-power connectivity options and IoT platforms are concerned. The major challenge is to connect non-IP devices such as Bluetooth Low Energy nodes or proprietary radio platforms to the Internet.

By leveraging cutting edge cellular, WiFi, and emergent transport mechanisms, we have helped solve a wide variety of connectivity challenges, and found unique and cost effective ways to establish gateways between proprietary IoT devices and the cloud services that power our solutions.




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