Signul - The World's First Personal Beacon System

Automate your daily digital life with Signul. Send messages, launch Apps, and trigger home automation using micro-location zones defined by Signul beacons.

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Beacons and Bluetooth Proximity

iBeacon technology is an emerging standard for bluetooth proximity facilitating indoor location services for retail, tracking, & timing. IoT Design Shop Beacons with iBeacon Technology are fully customizable for your exact application. We can deploy a hardware and software ecosystem for maximum impact.

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Building the Internet of Things

Our full service team is here to bring your ideas to life. We develop smart devices and the software ecosystems that allow them to thrive. We can design the hardware, software, and physical form factor for your device and then help to get it to market.

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Design an Ecosystem

Coherence of form and function fuse to deliver a delightful product. The challenge is to design not just a product, but an ecosystem to support it. Usability, hardware design, mobile Apps, and cloud services are the essential components:

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The Right Tools for the Job

Our proprietary IoT technology platform (IoTCore) integrates a vast array of sensors & connectivity options. We leverage a wide variety of microcontrollers and modules from leaders like Texas Instruments, ARM, Arduino, & Raspberry Pi and build custom firmware for our products.

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Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) is an emerging standard for low-power device communication between smart devices and hubs such as smart phones & computers. We develop custom firmware on our stack, allowing devices to exchange data with other devices & the cloud.

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3D Printing and Design Services

We design physical prototypes for devices. Our in-house 3D modeling and printing capabilities utilize state of the art 3D printing technology to rapidly prototype and iterate on device concepts. We also assist in sourcing manufacturing partners when it's time to mass produce.

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Apps and Ecosystems

Our parent company, Finger Food Studios, has track record of creating top ranked consumer Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Your device ecosystem will leverage a proven full service stack from App to Cloud. Reduce risk and cost, and focus on the experience.

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What does the Internet of Things (IoT) mean to us?

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